DotA 6.69c | Download Map Dota 6.69c

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The latest news I've read from the official website of DotA Allstars states that IceFrog have just uploaded the latest DotA Map, Map Dota 6.69c. For all fans of Dota Allstars, this news would be a cue for you to instantly download Map Dota 6.69c and update your Map Dota 6.69b that had you played. Although just a small bug fix patch, but DotA 6.69c seems worth trying.

IceFrog also said that he is currently focused on the Map Dota 6.70. He just wanted to get some bugs fixed for the current version of Dota Map. So if you have tried Dota 6.69, Dota 6.69b and Dota 6.69c Map and you have any complaints or suggestions, please convey to IceFrog.

DotA 6.69c | Download Map Dota 6.69c

Well, here are links where you can download Map Dota 6.69c, if unsuccessful, please download at its official website. Thank You.

Download Map Dota 6.69c

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Download Map Dota Allstars

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Download Map Dota Allstars