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Bakmi GM Delivery Service- Pesan Dan Antar. Are you a noodle lovers? Do you know where to find the most delicious noodle in Jakarta, Indonesia? I think you may know the location, but it's too far from where you are, or you have no time to go there. So don't worry, i hope this information will help you.

In Jakarta, there is the most delicious Noodle Restaurant, and also serves Delivery Service. The Restaurant's name is GM Noodle (Bakmi GM), or Gadjah Mada Noodle. Gadjah Mada Noodle (GM Noodle) is Indonesian franchise restaurant, which is headquartered in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. This restaurant is very famous for the variety of noodles as a main meal menu.

To get services from GM Noodle, please just call GM's Delivery Service 56.55.007. Enjoy Delivery Service every day, and a big day from 10:00 to 20:30 o'clock. You can order through GM Noodle Delivery Service from home, school, office, or even from other places, and the orders will be delivered directly to your place. Just pick up the phone, make your order, and your tongue will be satisfied with the most delicious noodles in Jakarta.

Menu Spesial Bakmi GM

* Bakmi Special GM
* Bakmi Doank
* Bakmi Ayam
* Bakmi Special GM Pangsit Rebus
* Bakmi Special GM Pangsit Goreng
* Bakmi Goreng
* Bakmi Cap Cay
* Bakmi Sapi Brokoli Lada Hitam
* Bakmi Ayam Lada Cha-cha
* Bakmi Special GM Bakso
* Yi Fu Mie
* Bakmi Pangsit Rebus
* Bakmi Pangsit Goreng

Just Call - 56.55.007

Hopefully this Bakmi GM Delivery Service information is useful to you. Good luck.

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