DotA 6.70 | Map Dota Allstars 6.70 | Download

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Dota 6.70 Map still under construction, so do not be disappointed if you search for Map Dota 6.70 and have not found it on the Internet. IceFrog said that he focus to fix some things in Dota 6.70 Map, so that Dota 6.70 will be better than previous versions. We do not know what the improvements made, or whether there will be the addition of an item or hero. All of it is still kept secret by IceFrog.

Well, while waiting for Map Dota 6.70 released, you can play previous versions of Map Dota, Dota 6.69c or 6.69b. Do not forget to subscribe to the latest news from the Dota Map in, get updated information about Dota Allstars in your email. I will continue to inform you if Dota 6.70 has been released later.

DotA 6.70 | Map Dota Allstars 6.70 | Download
Update News From Dota Map 6.70
Maybe I was a little late to inform this news to you, but Map Dota 6.70 has been released. So, so please download Map 6.70 now.

Download Map Dota 6.70

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Download Map Dota Allstars

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