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Italian Serie A 2011/2012 Fixtures | Italy Serie A. The Italian Seria A season 2010/2011 has ended with AC Milan rise as the Italian Seria A champions and Di Natale become the top scorer. The Italian Seria A 2011/2012 season is predicted to bring the surprises by generating great names in the transfer market. So, it can be predicted that the Italian Seria A 2011/2012 will be sprinkled with great stars. So, according to your prediksi bola, who will be the next champion in Serie A?

If you are an Italian Seria A lovers, do not forget to collect the Italian Seria A Match Schedule 2011 / 2012 season. Here is the Italian Seria A 2011/2012 schedule a.k.s Italian Seria A 2011-2012 Fixtures.

Italian Seria A 2011/2012 - Italian Seria A Fixtures

Italian Seria A fixtures : All the fixtures for all the football clubs in the Liga Italia Serie A 2011-2012 season.
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Atalanta vs Cesena
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Bologna vs AS Roma
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Cagliari vs AC Milan
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Internazionale vs Lecce
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Lazio vs Chievo
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Napoli vs Genoa
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Novara vs Palermo
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Parma vs Catania
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Siena vs Fiorentina
Sun, 28-Aug-11 Udinese vs Juventus
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Catania vs Siena
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Cesena vs Napoli
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Chievo vs Novara
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Fiorentina vs Bologna
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Genoa vs Atalanta
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Juventus vs Parma
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Lecce vs Udinese
Sun, 11-Sep-11 AC Milan vs Lazio
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Palermo vs Internazionale
Sun, 11-Sep-11 AS Roma vs Cagliari
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Atalanta vs Palermo
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Bologna vs Lecce
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Cagliari vs Novara
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Catania vs Cesena
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Internazionale vs AS Roma
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Lazio vs Genoa
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Napoli vs AC Milan
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Parma vs Chievo
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Siena vs Juventus
Sun, 18-Sep-11 Udinese vs Fiorentina
Wed, 21-Sep-11 Cesena vs Lazio
Wed, 21-Sep-11 Chievo vs Napoli
Wed, 21-Sep-11 Fiorentina vs Parma
Wed, 21-Sep-11 Genoa vs Catania
Wed, 21-Sep-11 Juventus vs Bologna
Wed, 21-Sep-11 Lecce vs Atalanta
Wed, 21-Sep-11 AC Milan vs Udinese
Wed, 21-Sep-11 Novara vs Internazionale
Wed, 21-Sep-11 Palermo vs Cagliari
Wed, 21-Sep-11 AS Roma vs Siena
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Atalanta vs Novara
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Bologna vs Internazionale
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Cagliari vs Udinese
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Catania vs Juventus
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Chievo vs Genoa
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Lazio vs Palermo
Sun, 25-Sep-11 AC Milan vs Cesena
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Napoli vs Fiorentina
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Parma vs AS Roma
Sun, 25-Sep-11 Siena vs Lecce
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Cesena vs Chievo
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Fiorentina vs Lazio
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Internazionale vs Napoli
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Juventus vs AC Milan
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Lecce vs Cagliari
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Novara vs Catania
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Palermo vs Siena
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Parma vs Genoa
Sun, 2-Oct-11 AS Roma vs Atalanta
Sun, 2-Oct-11 Udinese vs Bologna
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Atalanta vs Udinese
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Cagliari vs Siena
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Catania vs Internazionale
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Cesena vs Fiorentina
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Chievo vs Juventus
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Genoa vs Lecce
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Lazio vs AS Roma
Sun, 16-Oct-11 AC Milan vs Palermo
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Napoli vs Parma
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Novara vs Bologna
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Bologna vs Lazio
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Cagliari vs Napoli
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Fiorentina vs Catania
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Internazionale vs Chievo
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Juventus vs Genoa
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Lecce vs AC Milan
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Parma vs Atalanta
Sun, 23-Oct-11 AS Roma vs Palermo
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Siena vs Cesena
Sun, 23-Oct-11 Udinese vs Novara
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Atalanta vs Internazionale
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Cesena vs Cagliari
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Chievo vs Bologna
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Genoa vs AS Roma
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Juventus vs Fiorentina
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Lazio vs Catania
Wed, 26-Oct-11 AC Milan vs Parma
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Napoli vs Udinese
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Novara vs Siena
Wed, 26-Oct-11 Palermo vs Lecce
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Bologna vs Atalanta
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Cagliari vs Lazio
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Catania vs Napoli
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Fiorentina vs Genoa
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Internazionale vs Juventus
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Lecce vs Novara
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Parma vs Cesena
Sun, 30-Oct-11 AS Roma vs AC Milan
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Siena vs Chievo
Sun, 30-Oct-11 Udinese vs Palermo
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Atalanta vs Cagliari
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Cesena vs Lecce
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Chievo vs Fiorentina
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Genoa vs Internazionale
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Lazio vs Parma
Sun, 6-Nov-11 AC Milan vs Catania
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Napoli vs Juventus
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Novara vs AS Roma
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Palermo vs Bologna
Sun, 6-Nov-11 Udinese vs Siena
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Bologna vs Cesena
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Catania vs Chievo
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Fiorentina vs AC Milan
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Genoa vs Novara
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Internazionale vs Cagliari
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Juventus vs Palermo
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Napoli vs Lazio
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Parma vs Udinese
Sun, 20-Nov-11 AS Roma vs Lecce
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Siena vs Atalanta
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Atalanta vs Napoli
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Cagliari vs Bologna
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Cesena vs Genoa
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Lazio vs Juventus
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Lecce vs Catania
Sun, 27-Nov-11 AC Milan vs Chievo
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Novara vs Parma
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Palermo vs Fiorentina
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Siena vs Internazionale
Sun, 27-Nov-11 Udinese vs AS Roma
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Bologna vs Siena
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Catania vs Cagliari
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Chievo vs Atalanta
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Fiorentina vs AS Roma
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Genoa vs AC Milan
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Internazionale vs Udinese
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Juventus vs Cesena
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Lazio vs Novara
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Napoli vs Lecce
Sun, 4-Dec-11 Parma vs Palermo
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Atalanta vs Catania
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Bologna vs AC Milan
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Cagliari vs Parma
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Internazionale vs Fiorentina
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Lecce vs Lazio
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Novara vs Napoli
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Palermo vs Cesena
Sun, 11-Dec-11 AS Roma vs Juventus
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Siena vs Genoa
Sun, 11-Dec-11 Udinese vs Chievo
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Catania vs Palermo
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Cesena vs Internazionale
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Chievo vs Cagliari
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Fiorentina vs Atalanta
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Genoa vs Bologna
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Juventus vs Novara
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Lazio vs Udinese
Sun, 18-Dec-11 AC Milan vs Siena
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Napoli vs AS Roma
Sun, 18-Dec-11 Parma vs Lecce
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Atalanta vs AC Milan
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Bologna vs Catania
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Cagliari vs Genoa
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Internazionale vs Parma
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Lecce vs Juventus
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Novara vs Fiorentina
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Palermo vs Napoli
Sun, 8-Jan-12 AS Roma vs Chievo
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Siena vs Lazio
Sun, 8-Jan-12 Udinese vs Cesena
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Catania vs AS Roma
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Cesena vs Novara
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Chievo vs Palermo
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Fiorentina vs Lecce
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Genoa vs Udinese
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Juventus vs Cagliari
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Lazio vs Atalanta
Sun, 15-Jan-12 AC Milan vs Internazionale
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Napoli vs Bologna
Sun, 15-Jan-12 Parma vs Siena
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Atalanta vs Juventus
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Bologna vs Parma
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Cagliari vs Fiorentina
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Internazionale vs Lazio
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Lecce vs Chievo
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Novara vs AC Milan
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Palermo vs Genoa
Sun, 22-Jan-12 AS Roma vs Cesena
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Siena vs Napoli
Sun, 22-Jan-12 Udinese vs Catania
Sun, 29-Jan-12 Cesena vs Atalanta
Sun, 29-Jan-12 AS Roma vs Bologna
Sun, 29-Jan-12 AC Milan vs Cagliari
Sun, 29-Jan-12 Lecce vs Internazionale
Sun, 29-Jan-12 Chievo vs Lazio
Sun, 29-Jan-12 Genoa vs Napoli
Sun, 29-Jan-12 Palermo vs Novara
Sun, 29-Jan-12 Catania vs Parma
Sun, 29-Jan-12 Fiorentina vs Siena
Sun, 29-Jan-12 Juventus vs Udinese
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Siena vs Catania
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Napoli vs Cesena
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Novara vs Chievo
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Bologna vs Fiorentina
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Atalanta vs Genoa
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Parma vs Juventus
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Udinese vs Lecce
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Lazio vs AC Milan
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Internazionale vs Palermo
Wed, 1-Feb-12 Cagliari vs AS Roma
Sun, 5-Feb-12 Palermo vs Atalanta
Sun, 5-Feb-12 Lecce vs Bologna
Sun, 5-Feb-12 Novara vs Cagliari
Sun, 5-Feb-12 Cesena vs Catania
Sun, 5-Feb-12 AS Roma vs Internazionale
Sun, 5-Feb-12 Genoa vs Lazio
Sun, 5-Feb-12 AC Milan vs Napoli
Sun, 5-Feb-12 Chievo vs Parma
Sun, 5-Feb-12 Juventus vs Siena
Sun, 5-Feb-12 Fiorentina vs Udinese
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Lazio vs Cesena
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Napoli vs Chievo
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Parma vs Fiorentina
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Catania vs Genoa
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Bologna vs Juventus
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Atalanta vs Lecce
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Udinese vs AC Milan
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Internazionale vs Novara
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Cagliari vs Palermo
Sun, 12-Feb-12 Siena vs AS Roma
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Novara vs Atalanta
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Internazionale vs Bologna
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Udinese vs Cagliari
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Juventus vs Catania
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Genoa vs Chievo
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Palermo vs Lazio
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Cesena vs AC Milan
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Fiorentina vs Napoli
Sun, 19-Feb-12 AS Roma vs Parma
Sun, 19-Feb-12 Lecce vs Siena
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Chievo vs Cesena
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Lazio vs Fiorentina
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Napoli vs Internazionale
Sun, 26-Feb-12 AC Milan vs Juventus
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Cagliari vs Lecce
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Catania vs Novara
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Siena vs Palermo
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Genoa vs Parma
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Atalanta vs AS Roma
Sun, 26-Feb-12 Bologna vs Udinese
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Udinese vs Atalanta
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Siena vs Cagliari
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Internazionale vs Catania
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Fiorentina vs Cesena
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Juventus vs Chievo
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Lecce vs Genoa
Sun, 4-Mar-12 AS Roma vs Lazio
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Palermo vs AC Milan
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Parma vs Napoli
Sun, 4-Mar-12 Bologna vs Novara
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Lazio vs Bologna
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Napoli vs Cagliari
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Catania vs Fiorentina
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Chievo vs Internazionale
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Genoa vs Juventus
Sun, 11-Mar-12 AC Milan vs Lecce
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Atalanta vs Parma
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Palermo vs AS Roma
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Cesena vs Siena
Sun, 11-Mar-12 Novara vs Udinese
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Internazionale vs Atalanta
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Cagliari vs Cesena
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Bologna vs Chievo
Sun, 18-Mar-12 AS Roma vs Genoa
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Fiorentina vs Juventus
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Catania vs Lazio
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Parma vs AC Milan
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Udinese vs Napoli
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Siena vs Novara
Sun, 18-Mar-12 Lecce vs Palermo
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Atalanta vs Bologna
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Lazio vs Cagliari
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Napoli vs Catania
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Genoa vs Fiorentina
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Juventus vs Internazionale
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Novara vs Lecce
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Cesena vs Parma
Sun, 25-Mar-12 AC Milan vs AS Roma
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Chievo vs Siena
Sun, 25-Mar-12 Palermo vs Udinese
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Cagliari vs Atalanta
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Lecce vs Cesena
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Fiorentina vs Chievo
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Internazionale vs Genoa
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Parma vs Lazio
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Catania vs AC Milan
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Juventus vs Napoli
Sun, 1-Apr-12 AS Roma vs Novara
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Bologna vs Palermo
Sun, 1-Apr-12 Siena vs Udinese
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Cesena vs Bologna
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Chievo vs Catania
Sat, 7-Apr-12 AC Milan vs Fiorentina
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Novara vs Genoa
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Cagliari vs Internazionale
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Palermo vs Juventus
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Lazio vs Napoli
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Udinese vs Parma
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Lecce vs AS Roma
Sat, 7-Apr-12 Atalanta vs Siena
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Napoli vs Atalanta
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Bologna vs Cagliari
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Genoa vs Cesena
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Juventus vs Lazio
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Catania vs Lecce
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Chievo vs AC Milan
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Parma vs Novara
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Fiorentina vs Palermo
Wed, 11-Apr-12 Internazionale vs Siena
Wed, 11-Apr-12 AS Roma vs Udinese
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Siena vs Bologna
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Cagliari vs Catania
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Atalanta vs Chievo
Sun, 15-Apr-12 AS Roma vs Fiorentina
Sun, 15-Apr-12 AC Milan vs Genoa
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Udinese vs Internazionale
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Cesena vs Juventus
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Novara vs Lazio
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Lecce vs Napoli
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Palermo vs Parma
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Catania vs Atalanta
Sun, 22-Apr-12 AC Milan vs Bologna
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Parma vs Cagliari
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Fiorentina vs Internazionale
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Lazio vs Lecce
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Napoli vs Novara
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Cesena vs Palermo
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Juventus vs AS Roma
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Genoa vs Siena
Sun, 22-Apr-12 Chievo vs Udinese
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Palermo vs Catania
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Internazionale vs Cesena
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Cagliari vs Chievo
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Atalanta vs Fiorentina
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Bologna vs Genoa
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Novara vs Juventus
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Udinese vs Lazio
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Siena vs AC Milan
Sun, 29-Apr-12 AS Roma vs Napoli
Sun, 29-Apr-12 Lecce vs Parma
Wed, 2-May-12 AC Milan vs Atalanta
Wed, 2-May-12 Catania vs Bologna
Wed, 2-May-12 Genoa vs Cagliari
Wed, 2-May-12 Parma vs Internazionale
Wed, 2-May-12 Juventus vs Lecce
Wed, 2-May-12 Fiorentina vs Novara
Wed, 2-May-12 Napoli vs Palermo
Wed, 2-May-12 Chievo vs AS Roma
Wed, 2-May-12 Lazio vs Siena
Wed, 2-May-12 Cesena vs Udinese
Sun, 6-May-12 AS Roma vs Catania
Sun, 6-May-12 Novara vs Cesena
Sun, 6-May-12 Palermo vs Chievo
Sun, 6-May-12 Lecce vs Fiorentina
Sun, 6-May-12 Udinese vs Genoa
Sun, 6-May-12 Cagliari vs Juventus
Sun, 6-May-12 Atalanta vs Lazio
Sun, 6-May-12 Internazionale vs AC Milan
Sun, 6-May-12 Bologna vs Napoli
Sun, 6-May-12 Siena vs Parma
Sun, 13-May-12 Juventus vs Atalanta
Sun, 13-May-12 Parma vs Bologna
Sun, 13-May-12 Fiorentina vs Cagliari
Sun, 13-May-12 Lazio vs Internazionale
Sun, 13-May-12 Chievo vs Lecce
Sun, 13-May-12 AC Milan vs Novara
Sun, 13-May-12 Genoa vs Palermo
Sun, 13-May-12 Cesena vs AS Roma
Sun, 13-May-12 Napoli vs Siena
Sun, 13-May-12 Catania vs Udinese

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