My Motivational Words Of Wisdom

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Motivational words of wisdom, a la Mario Teguh, has inspired millions of people of Indonesia through a TV program Mario Teguh Golden Ways. The Motivational words of wisdom that was brought by Mario Teguh managed to plant the spirit of every listener, so they are unconsciously motivated to become a better person, optimistic look at life, and wiser in dealing with each problem.

Well, here are a few motivational words of wisdom I got from various sources. Hopefully useful to you.

Optimistic attitude, making life more meaningful, including when facing a crisis.

Without change, we will not go everywhere.

True character will be tested when we are alone.

Success is: Talent (10%) and hard work (90%)

Worrying about tomorrow only add to the burden, which does not need to think about.

We will reap what we sow today.

A righteous man, will think, act, and hopes to correct.

Many people who want to become strong as steel, but do not want to be forged.
Many people would be perfumed like incense, but do not want to burn.

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