Download Now! Map Dota 6.68, Dota 6.68b, Dota 6.68c

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Download Now! Map Dota 6.68, Dota 6.68b, and Dota 6.68c.
Finally after a long wait for Latest Dota Map, the dotaers can smile happily. July 28 ago, IceFrog finally gave us good news that the Map Dota 6.68 released. The map is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Germany, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, French, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese.

At Map Dota 6.68, there will be a new heroes, new items and lots of balance Improvements. We all hopes that these online games are not boring and even more interesting to play.

Some new things on the Map Dota 6.68 :
1. Captains Mode: There is a new tire and pick the system for CM in 6.68. Bans instead of four and then five picks, now it is three bans three picks and then followed by two bans and two picks.

2. A new basic items, Orb of Venom.
3. Tiny with a new ABILITY he gains from Aghanim's Scepter:
4. Kinetic Field, an ABILITY on one of the new heroes.
5. and others.

Download Now! Map Dota 6.68, Dota 6.68b, Dota 6.68c

Do you want to know the new features were added in the Dota Map 6.68? Please download Dota 6.68, Dota 6.68b and Dota Map 6.68c to find out. Map Dota Allstars 6.68 Hopefully this can satisfy your expectation.

Download Dota Map 6.68
Download Map Dota 6.68b

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Download Map Dota Allstars

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dotaguide said...

very nice information ,

Anonymous said...

dear admin,
i am already download map Dota 6.68, 6.68b & 6.68c
but can,t run other player (Hero)
i am also already update to :
Blizzard BNUpdate v2.133 compiled on Aug 14 2008
Log created at 10:10 am on 09/01/2010

This patch upgrades Warcraft III The Frozen Throne from the previous version.

RESULT: Patch successful whta to do this is?

please your resolution to

thank,s & best rgds...


cedrico said...

thanks for share ^^

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