Panduan Mudik : Peta Jalur Mudik 2010 - Idul Fitri 1431 H

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Mudik ... Mudik ... Mudik!!! "Mudik Lebaran" is the activity that will begin to look crowded ahead of Idul Fitri 1431 H. Thousands and even millions of Muslims across Indonesia flocked back to their hometown to stay in touch with their relatives. This is what causes traffic jams everywhere.

Well, in this regard, the travelers is very important to have a "Peta Jalur Mudik Lebaran 2010". The travelers should have to find alternative pathways of free jams, and safe, so they can arrive in their hometown just in time to celebrate Idul Fitri with large families. Therefore, I want to give a little information about the "Peta Mudik 2010" to those of you who have a plan going home in Idul Fitri 1431 H.

From several sources I found that we can get "PETA JALUR MUDIK 2010" with two ways.

PETA MUDIK 2010 from Tempo Interaktif. You can see the Peta Mudik 2010 online in tempo interactif website, can not be downloaded, but with a simple and easy view to see, this Peta Mudik 2010 provide a complete enough info mudik like gas stations, ATM and restaurants, unfortunately you have to be online to access this "mudik map 2010 ".

PETA JALUR MUDIK 2010 from Cybermap. In contrast to the "Peta Mudik" from Tempo Interaktif website, here you can download "Peta Mudik Lebaran 2010" version Cybermap. This tent is enough to help those of you who do not always get online.

 Panduan Mudik : Peta Jalur Mudik 2010 - Idul Fitri 1431 H

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