Cerita Hantu - Hantu Laku Dijual 18 Juta

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Cerita Hantu - Hantu Laku Dijual 18 Juta. By Internet, anything can be sold even though it was somewhat unreasonable. Even a small tube, which was claimed to contain spirits, could sell thousands of dollars when auctioned on the website.

This happened in New Zealand. Monday night local time, March 8, 2010, auction pages, TradeMe, managed to sell two small tubes, which supposedly contained two ghosts. Transactions via the Internet is covered by the price of NZ $ 2830 (about Rp 18 million).

The Ghost auction attract 214,000 visits (pageview) and dozens of questions. Old owner of the two tubes is Avie Woodbury, Christchurch citizens. Two tube now has a new owner, the manufacturer of electronic cigarette (electronic cigarettes) called Safer Smoke NZ.

The old owner, Woodbury, claiming the ghosts were successfully captured in his home. They were then stored in the tube which was filled with holy water, and closed meetings. "Let her spirit energy is lost," said Woodbury.

According to her, one spirit is an old man, who is the old house in the 1920's. And the other Ghost was a little girl, her spirit came afterWoodbury playing the spirit caller board, Ouija.

Cerita Hantu - Foto Hantu Yang Laku Dijual 18 Juta

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