Gambar Kejadian Aneh Bayi Berekor

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Gambar Kejadian Aneh - Bayi Berekor di China. Unique birth occurred in China, precisely in Lixing, southern Anhui Province. A baby girl, named Hong Hong, has a tail - look at the unique picture below.

Four months later, the tail on the back of Hong Hong's body size twice the original size. Doctors then operated the Hong Hong's tail, removing the tail of the baby's body. Hong Hong's father, Hou admitted shock when he saw his baby has a tail at birth. 'I want to cut it off right away, but the doctor suggested we wait until the right time. For newborn too weak for surgery, "said Hou.

Every day Hou admitted watching the tail on the back of the body of Hong Hong - while hoping the tail was shrinking. However, the tail was actually bigger. Doctors from Anhui Children's Hospital, Sun Ju said the case against Hong Hong is very unique case. The doctor also admitted that he was surprised.

"It's very rare, probably one in a million. We have never seen anything like this," said Sun in June

Based on X-ray observations, the tail was found to connect with fatty tissue tumors of the spine.Doctor Sun said that although surgical removal of the tail can be a success, is still too early to say that the baby needed further treatment.

Gambar Kejadian Aneh Bayi Berekor di China

Gambar Kejadian Aneh - Unique Picture

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