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Map Dota 6.67, Map Dota 6.67b and Dota Map 6.67 AI, is the latest Dota Map that would soon be released. In the previous post, I'd say that's a good idea if the latest Map Dota such as Map Dota 6.67, give something different and something new, when compared with the previous Dota Map (Map Dota 6.66b AI, Dota 6.65 Map, or Map Dota 6.64 AI, etc) .

And I was right, there is something new on the Map Dota 6.67. Ice Frog has announced, that in Dota 6.67 Map, there will be a new game mode called Capture Points. Here is what Ice Frog says about the Capture Point action style game mode in Map Dota 6.67.

There will be many capture points (6+) spread around the map that, when captured, will provide various auras (Damage, Armor, Gold, Regen, Movement Speed, etc) for your team depending on which one is captured. The Capture Points all spawn after the first 10 minutes of the game. You gain control of a CP by standing on it for a certain amount of time (the more allies the faster). Capture Points can always be reclaimed by the enemy team after it is taken or it can also be interrupt during the capturing process itself.

In addition to the Capture Point, Map Dota 6.67 will be implemented in a zoom mode for Observers to allow spectators and shout casters to see a larger part of the battlefield rather than the current view.

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