Map Dota 6.70b - Dota 6.70c Download

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Map Dota 6.70b - Dota 6.70c Download
After the new Map Dota 6.70 has been released a week ago, so this time its presence was followed by a map Dota 6.70b, and Map Dota 6.70c. The news was delivered by IceFrog, the map Dota developer, on his official website.

IceFrog also wrote that there are some changes on Dota 6.70 map, dota map 6.70b and 6.70c dota map, such as additional 2 heroes (Tuskarr and Phoenix) and 3 items (Ancient Janggo of Endurance, Medallion of Courage, Smoke of Deceit).

"It has a new loadscreen, 2 new heroes, 3 new items and Various misc improvements."

Map Dota 6.70b - Dota 6.70c Download

So if you already download Map Dota 6.70, i think it's better if you also download Map Dota 6.70b and 6.70c. Please click the link below to download both the new DotA map and Read the changelog for more information.

DOTA 6.70 Download Link
- Map Dota 6.70c
- Map Dota 6.70b
- Map Dota 6.70

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