Daftar Harga Blackberry Terbaru 2011 - Latest Blackberry Price

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Daftar Harga Blackberry Terbaru 2011 - Latest Blackberry Price.
Currently, Blackberry is become a trend in our society. Starting from children to adults, no one would be left behind to have a latest Blackberry. Though quite possibly, the desire to buy a blackberry based solely on the desire to look stylish, trendy, or simply just do not want to be considered tacky. Until now, there are various types of Blackberry can we find in the market. Ranging from the cheap or expensive Blackberry, authentic Blackberry or imitation Blackberry. So, you'd better be careful if you want to buy the latest Blackberry.

The Blackberry information that I present here is just about the latest Blackberry Price List or Harga Blackberry Terbaru, that circulated in the Indonesian market in 2011. No doubt that the Blackberry mobile phone info below could be change anytime, so this post only become a benchmark for us who wants to buy a latest Blackberry.

Daftar Harga Blackberry Terbaru 2011 - Latest Blackberry Price
NOType BlackberryHarga BaruHarga Bekas
1Onyx (Bold 9700)4.300.000 4.000.000
2Bold 9000 Black3.700.000 3.600.000
3Bold 9000 White4.100.0003.800.000
4Odin (Storm2 9550)4.550.000 4.550.000
5Storm1 (9500)Not Available Not Available
6Tour Verizone3.550.000 3.350.000
7Tour Sprint3.200.000 3.000.000
8Javelin (8900)3.200.000 3.000.000
9Gemini 8520 Black2.400.000 2.100.000
10Gemini 8520 White2.550.000 2.350.000
11Gemini 8520 Violet2.650.000 2.350.000
12Gemini 8520 Red2.650.000 2.250.000
13Blackberry Odin/OdynCallCall
aMicro SD 2 GB70.000 70.000
bMicro SD 4 GB100.000 100.000
cMicro SD 8 GB175.000 175.000
dMicro SD 16 GB350.000 350.000

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harga blackberry Terbaru said...

pilih yang atas sendiri mantab tuh.. hehe.. lanjukan kreasi anda salam knal..

Harga Blackberry said...

maturnuwun atas reviewnnya :) boleh ambil kan... ?? ntar ane masukkan ke dftr list :) sekaligus salam knal.. klo boleh visit back :D ... btw ki arek pare kediri tah... sami kulo gih saking pare :)

rha said...

mahal euy,,,

rolandt said...

keep posting friend..

Harga Jual Blackberry iPhone Laptop Murah said...

Wah kok masih mahal yah???
Kapan punya Blackberry nih... hehehe..

Harga Jual Blackberry iPhone Laptop Murah

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