Video Games Terbaru Mei 2010

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Video Games Terbaru di bulan Mei 2010. Here are the 8 New Video Games Released This Month - May 2010.

1. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Platform: Xbox 360, PS 3, Wii, PSP
Along with the release of Prince of Persia movie on 28 May, the continuation of the game Sands of Time series will also be introduced to the public.

2. Alan Wake
Platform: Xbox 360
This new video games was first announced in 2005. A story of a writer who lives in the mountain town which is very terrifying. Visual praised by critics.

 Video Games Terbaru Mei 2010

3. Red Dead Redemption
Platform: Xbox 360, PS 3
Made by the creators of Grand Theft Auto, this new game 2010 revolves around the adventures of John Marston, a former criminal who is now fighting to uphold justice in any way.

4. Split / Second
Platform: Xbox 360, PS 3, PC
In the Split / Second, we not only have to beat the other drivers, but also how to blow up the opponent's car, even until the path is too involved to explode. Pretty cool, eh?

5. Super Mario Galaxy 2
Platform: Wii
Wii games with the highest ranking of all time is back again with a sequel that was long awaited. This time he will return accompanied by Luigi and Yoshi.

6. Moodnation Racers
Platform: PS 3, PSP
Sony-made racing game features creative tools that we can use to build whatever we wanted, including characters, cars and racing tracks. The work is then we can upload and use by other players around the world.

7. UFC 2010 Undisputed
Platform: Xbox 360, PS 3
Gamers combined martial arts fighting game will really enjoy it, especially since the game system has been updated and impressive graphics.

8. Blur
Platform: Xbox 360, PS 3, PC
Created by the team behind the success of the Project Gotham franchise, the racing games involves a lot of sophisticated weapons into the track. Design the car also became the mainstay.

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camera said...

dlu saya suka maen game...
tapi sekarang udah jarang...
makasih banyak ya infonya...
salam kenal juga....

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