Tips Cara Mengatasi/Mengobati Asam Lambung

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Tips Cara Mengatasi Asam Lambung - Mengobati Asam Lambung. Did you know that stomach acid disorders can be overcome with potatoes? Naturopathy treatment system introduced potato juice (jus kentang) as a therapy to overcome digestive disorders, including stomach acid. Potatoes (kentang) contain many vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to health.

Studies conducted on 10 people with chronic digestive disorders, has proven that. Eight people said his condition improved after consuming a glass of potatoes juice, every day for a week.

Similar research conducted by four universities in Germany and Australia. The majority of people with digestive disorders recover after potato juice therapy for 12 weeks. They consume 100 milliliters of juice, potatoes, half an hour before breakfast and before bed at night.

The results showed that the potato or potato Solanum tuberosum, contains alkaloids which act as neutralizing acid. In further research, the potato is also beneficial for preventing kidney disease, heart disease and the spread of cancer cells.

Hopefully this Tips Cara Mengatasi Asam Lambung or Tips Cara Mengobati Asam Lambung information useful for you who have stomach acid disorders (gangguan asam lambung), and chronic digestive disorders.

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