The Airport Began Using Full-Body Scanners

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Full-body scanner once again reaped criticism from various parties. Some time ago, full-body scanners are considered controversial because it shows the entire body covered in clothes. According to several parties, it is considered to violate the privacy rights of passengers. However, some countries already use a full-body scanners, including a Nigerian, Dutch and English. Currently, the tool was tested at several airports in Canada and France. Examination will focus on the passengers who want the United States (U.S.).

One figure who does not agree with these tools is a Catholic religious leader, Pope Benedict XVI. According to him, the protection of dignity and human integrity above all.

In addition, the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) also rejected the use of body scanners (full-body scanner) installed at airports in Indonesia. Besides not religious rules, also violated human rights.

MUI provides an exception in the use of the tool in an emergency situation, concerning state security and order.

This scanner also has been in Indonesia since 2008. Scanner is a branded manufacturer of artificial Provision L3 Security & Detection System, United States. However, full-body scanners only for those suspects. Not yet clear whether these devices are still used today.



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