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Finally, Map Dota 6.66b released. In this latest Map, Lucifer-Doom Bringer got nerfed and Divine Rapier rules, modified again. DotA Allstars v6.66b released with significant changelog consisting of a variety of bug fixes and nerfs.

In the previous Map, Dota Map 6.66, there are many changelog modifying for several heroes and items, while at the same time extensively modify two new heroes, who had previously been introduced in Dota Map 6.65 - Slark and Kaldr. Both the heroes provided new strategies to attract and skills to take full advantage of the new metagame.

Yesterday, Icefrog has released the latest version of DotA, Dota Allstars 6.66b Map. This Map 6.66b, holding most of the changes the balance with a little reworking to Doom Bringer-Lucifer and Bounty Hunter. A newly discovered major problems have been fixed exploit with little problems and bugs. Here is a Map Dota 6.66b changelogs.

Dota Map 6.66b Changelogs :

* -unlock now requires a majority vote before the gold and items of a leaver will be released. As a reminder, once a hero is unlocked, it cannot be switched.
* Added a 15 second wait period before the drafting begins in -CD to give both teams a chance to look at the heroes.
* Renamed the controlon/off commands to be clearer which is which. They are now -disableselection (-ds) and -enableselection (-es)
* Various Dota Map optimizations
* Fixed an old recipe fusing exploit with leaver items that could result in crashes
* Fixed Essence Shift on units that change form
* Fixed a couple of bugs with Dark Pact debuff
* Added replay data for creep kills/denies (at time intervals,
format: "CSK"+I2S(PlayerID),value and "CSD"+I2S(PlayerID),value)
* Fixed various tooltips
* Fixed gold not being split after using -unlock when someone leaves via -kickafk
* Fixed being able to -unlock while a switch vote is ongoing
* Fixed some spells incorrectly triggering Magic Stick/Essence Aura (Devoured Neutral Troll Priests Heal, Radiance Swap, etc)
* Fixed some -CD language text issues as well as some missing parser information
* Fixed Arcane Ring recipe purchase hotkey
* Fixed some potential Basher bugs on some levels of Spirit Bear
* Fixed an abuse possible with one hero carrying multiple Urn of Shadows
* Fixed the second Forged Spirit from being added to your control despite having control helper turned off
* Fixed a bug with -switch when you have Rapier (that you don't own) on you
* Fixed a few other misc minor bugs

So, please download Dota Map 6.66b now!

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Download Map Dota Allstars

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