Review iPad2 - New iPad2 Specifications And Features

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Review iPad2 - New iPad2 Specifications and Features
Recently, I found several sites that write about the specifications of iPad 2. From several sources, gadget blog found there are some similarities between iPad and iPad 2, such as the display. Despite this latest product from Apple is estimated to carry some of its novelty.

Here are the iPad2 specifications. Not the complete specification, but at least give us some idea of how the specifications of this new iPad2.

iPad2 Specifications - iPad2 Features
Review iPad2 - New iPad2 Specifications and Features
  1. iPad 2 is called will support HD video (high definition) and with resolution 1280 x 960. iPad 2 also will carry the display with a size of 9.7 inch diameter. This means the display, and a resolution similar to its predecessor.
  2. iPad 2 also has two cameras. One camera on the front, and one camera on the back. This feature is prepared to support the features of FaceTime, or Apple's video call.
  3. Seeing the design, iPad2 look more slender. Speaker was in the back, as is found in tablets.
  4. Apple immerse the new chip to iPad2, namely A5. Unlike the iPad that carries the chip A4.
  5. Apple increase the capacity of RAM, up to 512 MB.
  6. Apple remove hot swap, no MicroSD slot in iPad2.

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