DOTA2 - Valve Announce Dota 2

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Valve Announce DotA 2
DotA 2 is the sequel of the most popular game today for the LAN Party, Defense of The Ancient aka DOTA. Unlike previous versions, the official sequel to this game carried by Valve. Besides carrying the sequel of the DOTA game, Valve has also recruited IceFrog, developers who manage the most popular  DOTA mod, DOTA AllStars.

DOTA 2 Review

Valve promises that DOTA 2 will include all the heroes of DOTA AllStars. So, all the upgrade path, items and skills of dota allstars will still remain in DOTA2.

Striking difference, is the Source engine used. Some graphics upgrades will carry over from these engines, plus new features such as Voice Chat.

DOTA2 - Valve Anounce Dota 2

The focus of this game must remain in Multiplayer. But Valve provides the ability for the bots (artificial intelligence / AI) take over control if the connection of a particular player suddenly interrupted while playing.

DOTA 2 will be present for PC and Mac in 2011. This game will be released in retail, which is likely to open the door for many new players that had not yet familiar with DOTA.

You can read the full DotA2 Review here.

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