Vuvuzela, South African Culture in 2010 FIFA World Cup

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Vuvuzela, South African Culture in 2010 FIFA World Cup . Vuvuzela is the trumpet, made of plastic shaped horns with a length of about 90 cm. Vuvuzela start to become the trademark of South Africa in every football game, since introduced in a soccer game that took place in the Rainbow Nation in early 2000.

Although only a plastic trumpet, but if sounded together will create tremendous noise. It is said that about 90,000 vuvuzela is sounded at the same time between the opening match against Mexico and South Africa, the resulting noise level can break the 11 million decibels. A recent survey stated that the sound generated by a vuvuzela reach 127 decibels. Louder than the pounding of drums that have a 122 decibel loudness and the referee's whistle that only about 121.8 decibels alone.

Noise generated vuvuzela began to reap the controversy. Thousands of complaints about this noise flowing from the BBC and ITV viewers. Some deplore the existence vuvuzela players in the stadium. "We must use eye contact, shout me to the defender can not hear" excuse Danish goalkeeper, Thomas Sorensen, after goalkeeper broken into twice by the Dutch players. Sorensen is not only just, Portugal star, Christiano Ronaldo spoke up "It's hard for anyone in the field to concentrate. Many players do not like it, but inevitably they have to get used to it." Ronaldo said.

In the middle of the pros and cons of these long trumpets blew, Neil van Schalkwyk, from Masincedane Sport, a company that produces vuvuzela give a good signal for the survival of vuvuzela in South Africa. He said: "We have been making modifications, new vuvuzela has a 20 decibel sound is lower than the old."

Like it or not, vuvuzela has become part of the World Cup 2010. South Africa also has a culture, and the World Cup only come around one month alone in this country. Actually, this controversy has also emerged during the World Cup 2006 in Germany. When FIFA decided that prohibits beer into the stadium or sold around the stadium. Though beer is part of German culture. Is FIFA going to treat vuvuzela like beer in Germany?

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