Tempat-Tempat Angker di Indonesia - Scary Places

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Tempat-Tempat Angker di Indonesia. I think you've always heard that Indonesia has many haunted places. Well here's the Mystical Places, Austere, or scary places in Indonesia. This haunted places allegedly inhabited by mythical creatures or magical creatures, which often harms those who happened across this place. And, according to news circulating, some of these haunted places have been made as a mystery movie.

Tempat-Tempat Angker di Indonesia - Scary Places

* Jeruk Purut, this place is haunted because some people said there is a priest 9pastur) who took his head in hand side and is always accompanied by his dog who is black. The priest was killed in the days of Dutch colonialism.

* Jalan Kuningan (Kuningan Street), is said to be haunted road because there is often an accident, the riders or cars often see the human figure / head without a body that suddenly cross the road.

* Jembatan Ancol (Ancol Bridge), the Bridge is said to be haunted by this place often seen the figure of a beautiful woman, the locals used to call 'si manis Jembatan Ancol'.

* Gedung Regent Kuningan (Kuningan Regent Building), this building is said to be haunted by the ghost lady is often seen on the 23th floor.

* Terowongan Casablanca (Casablanca Tunnel), tunnels (underground causeway) that exist under the Kuningan street (Rasuna Said), said armature having been found, a middle-aged man hanging himself with a cloth banner.

* Kali Sunter Ancol, haunted because once there are metrominis fall into this river, most of the passengers drowned.

* Yogya Department. Store Klender, said armature because mass death had occurred in this building. This happened just at the date of May 15, 1998 the famous Black May or Mei Kelabu incident. And one night a three-day interval from that, in this place often seen crowds of people in uniform, such as department store employees, who are waiting for public transport

* Apartments Casablanca, the apartments are built on the armature due to the general cemetery.

* 6th Floor Apartment Cempaka Mas Blok E, because there are a large tuyul.

* An house in Pondok Indah area, reportedly said the house was very haunted and if anyone who tried to occupy the inmates will be haunted by the persistent and must be made ill at ease in that house. And this house is where the ghosts reputedly assembled, have a strong appeal, and reputedly if anyone enters the house, that person will never come back again.

* Bintaro Path Train, the famous place with a terrible train crash which hundreds of lives were lost with the tragic. This place is often wander homeless organ, which always appeared.

* Samudra Beach Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu. The hotel is famous because it has a special room for Nyai Roro Kidul. According to legend, she is the Queen of the south coast. Under Sukarno's instructions, Room 308 at the Samudra Beach Hotel has always been left vacant for Nyai Loro Kidul.

* Lawang Sewu. Known as the thousand doors. One of the most haunted and spooky buildings in java. situated at semarang, the capital city of central java province.

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