Israel Serang Kapal Mavi Marmara & MER-C

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Israel Serang Kapal Mavi Marmara & MER-C. Sad news came from Mavi Marmara ship carrying humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza - which was also carrying volunteers Mer-C and journalists from TVOne.

Previously, the pages of news, Al Jazeera preach, the Israeli Navy contacted the captain of the ship on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at 11:00 local time - they are asking the identity of the captain of the ship and where the ship was headed.

Moments later, two Israeli naval vessels flanking vessel. Not only that, a low-flying Israeli aircraft monitoring the ship. They intend to drive the ship from entering the Gaza Strip.

Kapal Mavi Marmara

A total of 12 Indonesians in Mavi Marmara Ship coming from three community organizations and journalists. Following are the name of 12 Indonesian citizens who are in Mavi Marmara Ship:

From Mer-C:
1. Moeslim Nur Mubarak Taher (Team Leader)
2. Dr Arief Rachman
3. Abdillah Onim
4. Abadi Nur Ikhwan
5. Muhammad Yasin (Journalist TV One)

From Kispa:
1. H Ferry Nur (Chairman Kispa)
2. Muhendri Muchtar (Vice Chairman Kispa)
3. Okvianto Baharudin
4. Hardjito Warno

From Friends of Al Aqsa - Hidayatullah:
1. Dzikrullah Ramudya
2. Surya Fahrizal
3. Santi Soekanto

About MER-C
MER-C (Medical Emergency Rescue Committee) is a charitable organization engaged in humanitarian medical emergency and have the nature of trustworthy, professional, neutral, independent, voluntary, and high mobility.

MER-C aims to provide medical services to victims of war, violence due to conflict, riots, unusual conditions, and natural disasters within and outside the country. This organization was formed by a group of students from University of Indonesia took the initiative to perform medical procedures to help victims of the conflict in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia in August 1999.

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