Tips Cara Mengatasi - Mengobati Eksim

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Tips Cara Mengatasi - Mengobati Eksim Atau Gatal-Gatal. Avoiding things that can cause allergic reactions is the easiest and effective way to tackle eczema. This may be changing the detergent used to wash, or even have to move to other places that have a good climate.

Some ways that can be carried out such a formula is to use a mild soap. Dry your body after a bath carefully and apply moisturizing cream on your body. Avoid creams that contain fragrance or other ingredients that can irritate. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. Avoid scratching the area began to show an allergic reaction, because it will aggravate the situation.

In addition, the affected area can be smeared with corticosteroid cream (hydrocortisone). Cream should be applied as often as possible until a red bump disappeared.

Tips Cara Mengatasi - Mengobati Eksim

Pill that contain difenhidramin can also be consumed to eliminate itching. This drug causes drowsiness, so avoid driving a car or run machinery for taking this medicine.

Clean the affected area with soap hipoalergen every day.

Avoid mental and physical stress. Eat regularly with a balanced diet, mild activity, and adequate sleep will help you stay healthy, thereby preventing the expansion of the disease.

Do not expect quick recovery. Eczema is more easily controlled than cured.

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