Kopi Luwak Indonesia - Civet coffee

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Kopi Luwak Indonesia. Civet coffee is one of a kind coffee comes from coffee beans, which have previously been eaten, and entered into the digestive tract of animals called Luwak. Kopi Luwak Indonesia or Indonesian Civet coffee's popularity has been known among the fans of coffee and even abroad. Even in the United States, you can find a cafe or coffee shop that sells Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee). Civet coffee can be bought with a fairly expensive price. The price of Kopi Luwak is higher than the other types of coffee. However, it does not reduce coffee lovers to hunt Civet coffee.

This coffee has long been known, and it started happening when the coffee plantation was opened since the Dutch East Indies government until the 1950s, when it was still a lot of mongoose found. Civet loves looking grains that is quite good, including coffee beans to eat. Civet is very fond of coffee beans from the best fruit, after eating and issued with feces, which was previously fermented in the digestive tract of Civet. These coffee beans, used to look for and demand of coffee farmers, because they believe that the beans are derived from the best coffee beans and has been fermented naturally. And based on the beliefs, Civet coffee taste is very different, and feels special among the fans and connoisseurs of coffee.

However, Civet currently difficult to find. Because the meat is believed to cure asthma disease. This makes these animals continue to be hunted. Thus, the enjoyment of coffee comes from coffee beans picked from the Luwak's droppings is currently very difficult to find, even if there will be a very expensive price.

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Anonymous said...

Saya Menjual Kopi Luwak Yang Sudah Roasted (Luwak Coffee Roasted Beans)
Harga : Rp 125.000,-/100 gram (Bisa Nego)
Sudah Termasuk Ongkos Kirim Ke Seluruh Indonesia.Jika Dalam 7 Hari Pesanan Belum Diterima Uang Kembali 100%.Untuk Pemesanan SMS Atau Call 081316180003
(Juga Tersedia Raw Luwak Coffee, & Luwak Coffee Grounded Beans)

+62812 72220666 & +62819 97000068 said...

Kopi Luwak berasal dari dataran tinggi lampung barat yang merupakan penghasil biji kopi terbaik indonesia, difermentasi oleh luwak secara alami, diolah secara tradisional melalui tangan-tangan terampil para peracik kopi adat, memberi citarasa murni & alami kopi luwak, sebuah kesempurnaan tiada tanding... Kunjungi...

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