Gangguan Ereksi Pria - Penis Loyo

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Gangguan Ereksi Pria - Penis Loyo. Have you ever experienced that your penis has suddenly become limp when you want to "use it"? Erectile disorders or erectile dysfunction is when the penis can not erect, and tightened when needed. Reasonable for a man if you have this erectile disorder once in life. Therefore, do not rush felt experiencing erectile dysfunction (gangguan ereksi) before you answer this question:

Did you experience an erection when waking from sleep, either at morning or evening? If the answer is not at all, you should not need to delay the time to consult a doctor immediately.

If your answer is yes or frequent erections in sleep time but sluggish when you want to use, the problem may be psychological or due to environmental factors.

Here are some things that can interfere with the occurrence of erection:
- The air is too cold or hot
- Alcohol
- Drugs
- A few days or hours earlier had repeatedly orgasm
- Anxious / worried unable
- Stress / physical exhaustion
- Error technique / position
- Drug addicts, like heroin, cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, nicotine, methadone, ecstasy, etc..

So, for example, today you have just two or three times to have an orgasm, drink a few glasses of alcohol while smoking in the room, which is too hot or cold, we can be sure your erection ability is impaired. Hopefully this information about Gangguan Ereksi Pria - Penis Loyo is useful to you.

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