Game Online Terbaru 2010 Lyto

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Game Online Terbaru 2010 Lyto. Do you like to playing online games? What is your favorite online game right now? Lyto, the largest online game publisher in Indonesia want to give a good news for us who may have tired of playing online games available today. Surely you can guess the good news isn't it?

Indeed Lyto attract many Korean online games to be published in Indonesia. One of them is Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok Online Game is a very famous online game, and is still played by the gamer community in Indonesia. Seeing that success, then without hesitation, Lyto ready to release 5 new online game collection.

Game Online Terbaru 2010 Lyto

Requiem Online

If you want to play a horror game, it would seem appropriate to playing Requiem Online. This MMORPG game does look a bit scary because all the games will be a lot of creepy monsters ready to confront.

Avatar Land

Do not be fooled saw the name Avatar. This game is not game movie adaptation of Avatar: The Legend Of Aang. Also not a movie adaptation of Avatar games. Avatar Land is the game that bought the concept of social networking for gamers. You do not have to bother to install anything because the game is played using a browser and accessed through the site

Crazy Kart 2

This game is the sequel to the game Crazy Kart, which brings the race game with characters who share the cute and adorable and funny vehicles. The concept of this sequel is not too much different from the original. Just a few additions only.

Luna Online

Luna Online also smelled of social networking. Many social activities could be done in it, even you can get a pair, from the other character.

Granado Espada Online

This Online Games include the old game in Korea. Granado Espada Online has been released since 2006, but only this time present in Indonesia. In terms of graphics are not as powerful as today's online games, but this game have their own uniqueness that is not owned by any other online games.

Well, do you want to try Lyto's New Online Games?

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