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Anand Krishna

Name : Anand Krishna
Childhood Name : Krishna
Birth Place : Surakarta, Central Java
Birth Date : September 1, 1956
Nationality : Indonesia
Education :
- MBA From Pacific Southern University
Organizations that were inspired by Anand Krishna:
1. Yayasan Anand Ashram: Center for Holistic Health and Meditation, 14 Januari 1991 (Affiliate with The United Nations Organization/UN) )
2. Forum Kebangkitan Jiwa (FKJ)
3. National Integration Movement (NIM), 11 April 2005.
4. L’Ayurveda: Center for Holistic Care and Inner Beauty (Jakarta, Bali), 1 Oktober 2004.
5. Forum Pengajar, Dokter, dan Psikolog bagi Ibu Pertiwi.
6. Yayasan Pendidikan Anand Krishna
7. Anand Krishna Global Cooperation
8. California-Bali Friendship Association
9. Al-Isha: Home for Spiritual Travellers (Bali).
10. Anand Krishna Center/Anand Krishna Information Center in Jawa, Bali and Sumatera.
11. Indonesia-Brasil Friendship Association
12. Tibet-Indonesia Friendship Association

Anand Krishna (born in Surakarta, Central Java, September 1, 1956) is an interfaith spiritual, nationalist, humanist, cultural and writer who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Although the bloody Indian descent, but the spirit of love for Indonesia is very high.

Concern for the spiritual condition of society lives with the founding of Indonesia stated Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated with the United Nations - Department of Public Information since December 15, 2006) as the Center for Holistic Health and Meditation since 1991.

Love is the Only Solution is the only way in which Anand Krishna in response to life in this world to bring Peace, Love, and Harmony in One Earth, One Sky and Humanity One (One Earth One Sky, One Humankind)

Let us learn from our past mistakes. In the past we regarded oil as well as other natural resources as commodities, and we have not only seen the result of it, but suffering from it. Let us not consider water as a commodity (merchandise) but as nature’s bounty (a gift from nature).” — Anand Krishna

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