Choose the right lamp for your room !

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Many people are confused when decorating his house to make it look more beautiful. Especially for those who have a house with a narrow space. But never fear, there are many Indoor light fixtures are pretty good as a decorative option. In addition to providing light also beautify your room. With the shape and design vary, you can easily enhance your home without worrying about running out of places.

But do not carelessly chose this light because so many types of lamps offered. For that, select the lamp in accordance with the needs of your home. There are a few tips that you must read before you choose the right lamp. So that lamps can also become a perfect furniture and decoration for your room.
  • There are two kinds of pendant lights and decorative lighting; halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps (fluo-rescent). Halogen light yellowish color while the white fluorescent lights.
  • Fluorescent bulbs provide a brighter light than decorative chandelier. However, fluorescent lamps or lanterns light the impression of cold, in contrast to the impressive halogen lamps warm.
  • When you buy a chandelier and decorative lamps, consider the electrical energy needed to turn on the lights. Choose lights that require less electrical energy but the light produced enough light, the so-called energy-saving lamps such as lanterns lamps.
  • Before buying a lamp, first determine which room will be illuminated. If the room is wide enough, you have to buy a lamp with a light big enough such as lantern light.
  • Lifetime of the lamp is also noteworthy. Better to buy a decorative chandelier is a bit expensive but durable, rather than cheaper but it only lasted a few weeks such as lantern lights.

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