How to Maintain Your Air Filters

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Important Things You Should Know About Air Filters. 
Air filter is an important part of the vehicle, because this device will maintain combustion engine keep clean from dirt or dust. Air filter is located on the top of the carburetor. In addition to filtering dust entering the combustion engine, air filters also prevent the flame from the engine when the machine restarts. When the filter is not functioning correctly, a lot of negative excesses can make broken machines.

Because its function is vital, at least there are 2 important things that must be considered associated with air filters. First, you need to know the types of air filter before you buy it for your vehicle. Choose an air filter with good quality, although maybe the price is not cheap. We suggest you choose the original. Second, vehicle owners should be diligent in cleaning the air filter regularly so that air filters can live long.

With a new and clean air filters, your vehicle will be more efficient in using fuel. In addition to the performance and efficiency of the engine, there are still many risks involved if you do not routinely take care of the air filter. Especially in the injection machine, or EFI using a series of sensors in the water intake.

How to Maintain Your Air Filters.
Cleaning the air filter is easy, especially if you have an air compressor machine. Make sure the tool is free from water particles. Blow wind with a direction of air flow. Do not be reversed because it can actually clog. If you do not have an air compressor, you can knock the air filter so the dust would fall out, but the result was not optimal. But if you hesitate, you can bring your vehicle to the authorized repair shop or garage that has a license and a pretty good reputation.

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