Cheap Cars For Farmers In 2012?

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Cheap Cars For Farmers In 2012?
Good news for farmers in Indonesia. The government is currently preparing a cheap car designed for rural farmers. The car is expected to be sold at a price of Rp 55 million at the end of 2012.

The news was disclosed by Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat when he attended the inauguration of Daihatsu automobile plant in Karawang, on Friday (26/05/2011).

MS Hidayat said that in 2011 the government has set up cheap car design for rural transport facilities, and hopefully next year can be produced. But now they're thinking about an appropriate name for these vehicles.

What about the price of that cheap car? Reportedly, the low-cost cars will be sold at only about 55 million rupiah.

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PeterMartin said...

I think the farmer need more farm equipment rather than the car.

Cheap cars

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